Adoptable Dogs

Adopt a Dog from 4 Directions Rescue

Adopt a dog from 4 Directions Dog Rescue. It’s a wonderful way to give a loving home to an animal in need. By choosing to adopt from this organization, you are not only rescuing a dog, but you are also supporting a non-profit dedicated to animal welfare. Each dog at 4 Directions Dog Rescue receives individualized care and attention, including medical care and behavioral training if needed, to prepare them for a loving forever home. 

The team of experienced animal care professionals work closely with each dog to ensure they are healthy and happy. Furthermore, the organization works diligently to match each dog with the perfect family and lifestyle, to ensure a lifelong bond between the dog and their new family. 

By adopting a dog from 4 Directions Dog Rescue, you will be providing a second chance at life to a dog in need, and will experience the joy of giving a loving home to a furry companion.

Meet Coco

Meet Coco, the furry enchantress who will steal your heart with just one wag of her tail. This spunky and adorable five-year-old pooch is ready

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Meet Radley

Introducing Radley, the adorable three-year-old spayed female who is ready to make a splash in your life. This water-loving canine is a bundle of energy

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Meet Jamie

Introducing Jamie, the charismatic canine companion who will wiggle his way into your heart with his playful antics and endearing personality. This three-year-old bundle of

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Meet Envy

Envy, the three-year-old spayed female, is a smart and affectionate dog ready to find her forever home. Rescued from a crowded kill shelter, Envy’s incredible

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Meet Harmony

Introducing Harmony, a lovable two-year-old female dog with a heart full of sweetness. Harmony is a spayed female and weighs under 40lbs, making her the

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Meet Summer

Meet Summer, an adorable five-month-old female pup bursting with affection and charm. Summer has a naturally calm energy that makes her an absolute joy to

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Meet Berkley

Meet Berkley, a delightful two-year-old male dog full of charm and personality. Berkley is a neutered male who adores food and is always ready for

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